Vinyl and Polypropylene Sticker Material

Vinyl and Polypropylene Sticker Material – Which one is ideal for your need?

For most of you, looking into stickers of any kind, let alone social distancing stickers, is a new experience and it can be hard to know what you’re looking for as well as whether you’re getting value for your purchases.

Understanding that businesses have different needs dependent upon budget, surface type, and whether they’re being used for indoor or outdoor purposes, we decided to put together a website to service the social distancing needs of businesses around the country.  With the benefit of having 8 years of experience printing labels and signage, we set to task creating pre-printed social distancing stickers that would suit the needs of our prospective clients.

Over the past few months, we’ve printed several designs of ready-to-ship cost-effective social distancing stickers that work on just about any surface type.

Sticker Material – Vinyl vs. Polypropylene

The two main elements to stickers are the material on the surface of the sticker and the adhesive used for each particular application.


Vinyl stickers are the highest quality stickers you’ll find on the market.  Reason being?  Vinyl as a material is extremely versatile and rugged, and able to sustain the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic.  The material itself is stretchable, and therefore less likely to tear or break when put under stress.  The material also performs significantly better when placed in outdoor settings and is exposed to elements such as rain or extreme heat and humidity.  Vinyl social distancing stickers are also known to last considerably longer than polypropylene, and that longevity is part of the reason that these stickers are costlier to produce and to sell.  To offset the cost of our vinyl social distancing stickers and provide more value for our clients, we have made them a larger size than our polypropylene stickers (12” radius instead of the standard 10”), and have also added a textured anti-slip coating that further protects our social distancing stickers and gives them a very strong grip.  These social distancing stickers are also a much thicker material than polypropylene, and when the textured laminate is factored in they come in at a thickness of about 5mm compared to the 2.6mm polypropylene option.

We offer our vinyl products for all surface types.  The way this is done is through the different types of adhesive used to stick our decals to the floor.  Our vinyl social distancing decals are available for the following uses:

  1. Indoor use: A lighter adhesive that holds up very well in the majority of indoor settings, this is the perfect material for most indoor flooring.

  2. Outdoor use: A strong adhesive that is made to sustain inclement weather such as high heat and humidity, as well as rain.  Made using 3M products, our outdoor vinyl decals are the highest quality stickers available on the market.

  3. Carpet use: Our carpet-specific social distancing decals use a water-based adhesive that will ensure that carpeting isn’t damaged when the decals are eventually removed.



Our polypropylene decals are the ideal solution for businesses on a budget that are looking for a lower-cost solution to protect their employees as well as customers on-site. While less expensive and thinner, these decals do an excellent job of adhering to a majority of indoor surfaces. They have also been known to work on smooth outdoor surfaces, although over time they have a tendency to curl somewhat around the edges.  These polypropylene social distancing stickers are about 2.6mm thick and are able to sustain a good amount of foot-traffic, although selecting the correct adhesive type is paramount for ensuring longevity.

We offer our polypropylene stickers in three types of adhesive:
  1. Light adhesive: made for vinyl flooring or vct, light adhesive social distancing decals will adhere well to your floor and will be the easiest to remove of the three options.  For people who are worried about any floor damage, this is the ideal solution, but please make sure that the surface type matches the recommendation as noted in our adhesive table for our standard quality decals.

  2. Aggressive adhesive:  an ideal option for tile flooring or flooring that is slightly porous, this adhesive option will ensure that your stickers stick to the floor very well and yet are still removable when the time comes.  Aggressive adhesive will also work on vinyl and vct flooring, and is better suited for high-traffic areas at your location.

  3. Permanent adhesive:  The strongest adhesive of the lot, these decals are great for high-traffic areas and have also been known to work in select outdoor settings, although success is largely dependent upon the flooring type as well as the weather conditions.  As long as these are removed within 12 months of placement, there shouldn’t be any issue with adhesive residue remaining on the floor.

Our mission at social distancing stickers is to provide you with decals that will satisfy your needs, whatever they may be.  Our polypropylene social distancing stickers are available at some of the lowest costs in the industry, with our best-priced tier being offered at only $1.99 per sticker!  And, while slightly more expensive, our vinyl decals are still offered at a 30-40% discount when compared to other print houses and ship the same day when in stock.

We hope that this article helps give you some good information about how to proceed when choosing your social distancing stickers, and if you have any other questions please feel free to speak to a friendly associate by calling us at (844)-586-8273.

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