The Future of Social Distancing

It goes without saying that the coronavirus has caused unprecedented disruption to people and businesses around the world.  We are in the midst of a global pandemic which has also resulted in an economic crisis to rival any we have faced previously.

However, there are signs that the curve is flattening and that social distancing policies have helped reduce the rate of infection, limiting the overcrowding of hospitals and thereby reducing the death rate attributed to COVD-19.  The question that we need to ask ourselves is what do we see as the future of social distancing?  Will there still be a need for social distancing signs? The answer, without any shadow of a doubt, is yes.

While stay-at-home requirements are undoubtedly the best way to limit the spread of coronavirus, this policy is not feasible for the long term – the economic impact of keeping the labor force at home is just too large to ignore.  As people are allowed to resume normal life, the number one way to continue limiting the spread of the virus is through the continued implementation of social distancing policies, including social distancing signs.  Indoor social distancing stickers will be a key component at retail establishments, offices, warehouses and showrooms.  They will be a constant reminder to continue to take this virus as seriously as possible, and without social distancing signs we may find ourselves back at square 1.

Another incredibly important factor will be ensuring implementation of social distancing in hospitals.  Both outdoor and indoor social distancing stickers need to be implemented in order to ensure people respect the requirement and limit contact with potential carriers of the virus.  Social distancing signs in hospital elevators (as well as residential and commercial elevators) will be a key component as well, as riders must be extremely vigilant when in an enclosed space – as there is often insufficient space to maintain the 6’ distancing requirement.  The solution is to follow the instructions posted on hospital elevator social distancing floor stickers and face the wall in order to minimize risk of exposure.


As more retail establishments, offices and other places of business open up, we will likely see far more of these social distancing decals adhered to floors and walls across the country.  Social distancing signs will soon be the only continued reminder to people that the battle against coronavirus is nowhere near over, and that vigilance is required to ensure that we don’t see a resurgence in cases which will overwhelm health care services which would result in avoidable and unnecessary death.

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The last thing we would want to once stay-at-home orders are relaxed across the globe is that there is a resurgence of this deadly virus which would wreak havoc upon society.  We need to continue to maintain distance and create a safe environment for ourselves and others around us.  We highly encourage our clients to share our social distancing decals with all businesses they know in an effort to to help curb the spread of coronavirus. As our motto says, we are stronger together – just spaced out a little!


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