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Starting a Business During Covid-19

As you have likely assumed – this website hasn’t been up for very long! Rather than binge on Netflix for days on end (which we are still somewhat guilty of), the team at Social Distancing Stickers decided to make the best of a difficult situation and put together a fun project that can help make a difference for everyone during this unprecedented pandemic.

In under 5 days we put together a brand, a product (our physical distancing decals and social distancing stickers for elevators), an e-commerce website, marketing content & strategy, as well as landed our first commercial clients! While we don’t expect to be selling social distancing stickers for the rest of our lives, it’s proving to be a great distraction while our real life jobs are on hold.

With our whole team sheltering at home, getting our social distancing decals to market was highly reliant upon the use of technology to execute the operational requirements. We use whatsapp to communicate with one another as well as with our graphic designers.  To ensure seamless access, all of our marketing and product content has been shared on Google Drive.  Our printing facility has access to one folder which it uses to pull the content we provide and print thousands of social distancing stickers on command (we’ve also made thousands of customized social distancing stickers for retailers, so we’ve needed to be very agile with our printing in order to satisfy the demand).  Our hotline uses Google Voice, and most of our client base for our social distancing stickers has been sourced through various methods including organic SEO as well as paid campaigns and strategic cold calling.

With all the technology in place, we then needed to focus on our product positioning strategy. We wanted our physical distancing stickers to be instantly visible and to be more professional than the competition, finally deciding on the deep red as well as the phrase “Protect Yourself & Others – Maintain Distance”. While simple sounding, this terminology is crucial for relaying the message we are attempting to get across through our social distancing stickers. It’s not just about protecting yourself, it’s about protecting others. A lot of the clients we’ve sold our social distancing stickers to have noted that they like the professional & courteous tone of the message we’re sharing.


One month ago we didn’t envision ourselves selling social distancing stickers, but neither did we envision ourselves being asked to stay at home and condemn our businesses to varying stages of financial difficulty. We didn’t want to just sit idly by and wait to be told what to do, we wanted to get out and figure out a way to help – despite the limitations placed upon us. And without taking ourselves too seriously, there is a message in us starting a business selling social distancing stickers – that even in the face of adversity, there is always opportunity.  So get out there (only metaphorically please, in actuality stay exactly where you are) and roll the dice – you never know where it may take you!


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