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You may be wondering how social distancing decals slow the spread of coronavirus. Some people feel that making an “X” with tape is a sufficient solution and should help space people from one another. While “X’s” may work to an extent, they don’t do anywhere near the job that physical distancing stickers do. The reason? It’s all in the message. Our social distancing stickers say “Protect Yourself & Others – Maintain Distance”.  Some people may not be afraid of contracting the virus – but our physical distancing stickers try to remind them of their social responsibility – the need for them to protect others. What may be no more than a cold for one, can be a life threatening experience for another.

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Mark Off Areas With Social Distancing Stickers Coronavirus

Coronavirus has affected every factor of life as we know it so Social distancing is likely to be with us for some time to come. Protect your staff and your customers with our ready-made floor social distancing stickers coronavirus. Our distancing floor stickers are easy to apply, peel the backing and stick down! Our COVID-19 floor graphics are ideal for all businesses. These corona social distancing stickers are suitable for heavy footfall traffic.

Laminated with an anti-slip laminate they are perfect for every workplace including factory floors, retail shops, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bars, pubs, and more! They can be installed by anyone, simply peel, stick, and smooth over. The corona social distancing signs can be applied to ceramic tiles, sealed wood, clean smooth concrete, waxed vinyl, marble flooring, and more. These are distinct for your customers and staff to spot from a distance. The covid social distancing decals are suitable for high-traffic areas to enhance social distancing in everyday life.

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