How to Encourage Social Distancing?

Social distancing has proven to be a difficult task for so many of us. We are used to hugging each other, shaking hands, high fiving, playing poker and touching the same cards for hours on end and then touching our faces, and performing all kinds of activities that can spread germs among a group of people in no time at all.

While we can’t prevent everything, we’ve tried to solve a problem with our social distancing stickers.


That’s why when governments saw the potentially undefeatable danger that could be caused by coronavirus, they decided to take a huge gamble and insist that everyone stays home in order to reduce the spread of the virus.

No government thinks that the virus will be fully eradicated (although things like social distancing decals do help limit the spread), however they want to limit the amount of people that get sick at once, thereby reducing the strain on healthcare systems around the globe.

What could be described as a bad cough could turn into a deadly virus if not treated properly. This is one of the reasons that governments are rushing to build respirators before the need for them becomes more than they can handle.

The other thing that we can do as citizens is take all possible measures to distance ourselves from one another socially for as long as the government deems it necessary, which is the message we’re trying to spread with our physical distancing stickers.

How can we do this, you might ask? Well here are a few ways that have been suggested:

1. Stand 6 feet apart from one another

Stand 6 feet apart from one another when in a social setting or checking out at a retail space. Our physical distancing stickers help greatly with that, as they remind people not to step forward when they are waiting behind someone in line.

You may think that you can’t get sick because you’re facing them, but the problem is that you may be making them uncomfortable in the process. So by having our social distancing floor stickers in place, the people in front and behind in line will know exactly where to stand, and there won’t be any discomfort in line.


2. Face the wall when in an elevator!

As awkward as it may seem, elevators are a breeding ground for coronavirus. People are in very close proximity to one another, and all it takes is one sneeze or cough from someone infected, and you have 3 or four other people who will now likely become sick.

It’s important to remember just how transmissible this virus is, it’s not like influenza or other common colds. We created physical distancing decals for elevators to help with this issue as well.

Here’s how it works:

  • A social distancing sticker facing the entrance of the elevator greets riders as they get in. This physical distancing sticker reminds people of their duty to protect themselves and others while riding the elevator.
  • Multiple shoe sized social distancing stickers are then placed on the floor to show people where to stand when they are in the elevator riding to their desired floor. These stickers are facing the wall, encouraging riders to do the same.
  • Social Distancing stickers are placed on the wall in front of the riders while they are facing the wall tol remind them not to touch the wall while they are riding. This is extremely important, as it stops them from leaving any traces of the virus if they have it, or making contact with the surface which may have the virus on it from a previous rider

3. Limit what you do when you are outside.

The government wants you to be safe, they are spending a lot of money and taking huge risks with the economy in order to save lives.

Be part of the solution (like our physical distancing stickers are), not the problem!

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