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How Do Social Distancing Stickers Help Limit the Spread of Corona?

The emergence of the coronavirus has changed the world as we know it today. Things that were normalized and encouraged such as close proximity and physical contact with friends and loved ones are now being restricted. Governments and private businesses have taken as many measures as possible to try to limit the spread of the virus. The most extreme measure has been to “Shelter at Home” which has resulted in people losing jobs as well as creating a huge strain on businesses to try and stay afloat.  However, there are still essential businesses that need to stay open (such as banks and supermarkets) – and where citizens still come into close contact with one another. These retail establishments are currently where the majority of coronavirus transmissions are occurring. The solution? Social distancing stickers were created to try and remind people to keep distance while handling essential needs at retail outlets across the world.

You may be wondering how social distancing decals slow the spread of coronavirus. Some people feel that making an “X” with tape is a sufficient solution and should help space people from one another. While “X’s” may work to an extent, they don’t do anywhere near the job that physical distancing stickers do. The reason? It’s all in the message. Our social distancing stickers say “Protect Yourself & Others – Maintain Distance”.  Some people may not be afraid of contracting the virus – but our physical distancing stickers try to remind them of their social responsibility – the need for them to protect others. What may be no more than a cold for one, can be a life threatening experience for another. It’s no exaggeration that someone could be considered guilty of manslaughter if they went around and knowingly transmitted COVID-19 to others with weaker immune systems which resulted in their death.


Our habits have been formed over decades of our social existence, and remembering to respect these new rules that we are facing is more difficult than one can imagine. The physical distancing decals we’ve created are trying to protect us from ourselves and our previous habits. Have you found yourself waiting outside of a store recently (they are only allowing a set number of people in the store at any time now) and realized that you got too close to the person in front of you? That’s because the store has physical distancing stickers inside their stores, but they haven’t done anything to address the issue for customers waiting in line outside. Our social distancing decals are a crucial piece of the puzzle for stemming the number of people getting infected while at their neighborhood supermarket.

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The issue we’re facing is that retailers need to do more to help stop the spread of coronavirus. If you have a retail store, you should buy your social distancing stickers from us now to protect your customers and your community.  Our physical distancing stickers are better priced than any on the market, and are ready to ship today!  Make an order for our social distancing decals today and become part of the solution, not the problem.

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