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5 Reasons Retail Stores Should Promote Social Distancing

It’s a very difficult time being a retailer during the coronavirus lockdowns.  Crippling overhead such as rent, utilities, payroll and more still need to be paid, however there’s no income to offset the expenses.  Even places that are open are seeing dramatic declines in customers as people hold on to the little disposable income they have.  For the essential businesses that are still open, such as banks, supermarkets, gas stations and others, it is imperative that they put proper guidelines in place such as our social distancing floor stickers.  We’ve put together five reasons why it’s important for retailers to use physical distancing floor decals and other measures..

  1. Retail locations are one of the few places people visit outside of their homes these days and using social distancing stickers at retail stores is a great way to remind people of their social obligation to protect themselves and others.

  2. Customers often feel uncomfortable when a retailer doesn’t have physical distancing floor decals in place.  The reason for this is that customers want to make sure that if they are following the advice of social distancing stickers and remaining 6 feet away from the person in front of them, they want to know that the person behind them in line is doing the same thing.

  3. Not having social distancing stickers at retail stores can reduce repeat business.  With so many stores putting these guidelines in place, customers will go to stores they feel more comfortable visiting, like the ones with physical distancing decals.  It is likely that a customer wouldn’t go back to a store that isn’t keeping the queues calm and organized at their store.


    Coronavirus Social Distancing

  5. Retail locations continue to be a big reason why COVID-19 continues to spread.  With lots of people in close proximity to one another, it is much easier for the virus to spread in queues at supermarkets and banks and other such establishments.  The 6 foot rule which our social distancing stickers promote is a very important rule.  That’s because physical distancing decals keep people far enough away from each other that a cough or a sneeze from someone with coronavirus has less chance of traveling and infecting the person nearest to them.

  6. If stores want to stay open, they need to help promote the rules.  If they don’t, then we may end up in quarantine in perpetuity – which is a financially disastrous option. So it is up to them who are on the frontline to implement social distancing stickers in retail stores and ensure that customers leave their establishments as healthy as they were when they walked in.

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Social distancing stickers are one of the most printed stickers being generated in the world today, and you can understand why.  They emerged as a solution to a very big problem, trying to stop people from getting sick.  As we slow the spread of the virus, it will be easier for us to get back to work and back to the world we once knew!

Get your social distancing stickers for retail stores from us today, and do your part to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

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