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Absolutely!  We want our social distancing stickers to be as affordable as possible, and we are priced at less than half of most of our competitors.  And the more you buy, the more you save with discounts offered at four different price tiers.

For our standard In-Stock physical distancing decals, shipping is processed on the same day as long as an order is placed by 2PM PST M-F. Orders placed after 2PM PST M-F will be shipped out the next business day.

Back-ordered stickers are generally back In-Stock within 2-3 business days and placed orders will be processed as soon as the decals are back In-Stock on a first-come first-serve basis.

The duration for delivery depends on the Shipping Class you choose at checkout and the location you’re shipping to. For USPS First Class Mail should be delivered within 5 to 7 business days, and USPS Priority Mail should be delivered within 1 to 3 business days.

For customized physical distancing stickers, you should expect printing to take 3-5 days after proof approval and 2-3 days to be delivered using USPS Priority Mail.

IMPORTANT NOTE: USPS delivery time and system updates for tracking are experiencing higher than usual volume for the available resources they have. This is causing customers to experience further delay during delivery especially for the USPS First Class Mail.

Our social distancing stickers are offered in two different types of material – the standard quality stickers are made of polypropylene and are the lowest cost stickers on the market.  We also offer premium quality vinyl decals using material sourced from the most reputable names in the industry such as 3M.

Our vinyl decals are available for the following surfaces:

  • Indoor Decals: Can be adhered to smooth, finished and glossy surfaces such as polished concrete, epoxy, glass, metal, tile & linoleum.
  • Outdoor Decals:  Can be adhered to rough and porous surfaces such as indoor and outdoor concrete.  Perform extremely well under inclement weather and is the only product we recommend for outdoor use.
  • Carpet-Specific Decals: These decals use a water-based adhesive and are made specifically for low-pile carpet applications.

Our standard quality polypropylene physical distancing floor stickers are available in three types of adhesive:

  • Light Adhesive: Can be adhered to smooth, finished, and glossy surfaces such as epoxy or linoleum.
  • Aggressive Adhesive: Can be adhered to most indoor flooring including certain types of tile.
  • Permanent Adhesive: The most durable of the three options, the permanent adhesive decals are the best choice for indoor high foot-traffic areas of your business.

Our social distancing stickers will not work on shag carpeting, and are not recommended to be placed on drywall and other painted surfaces, as damage may occur.

Depending on the selection made, our decals should not leave adhesive residue as long as they are removed within 12-18 months of application.  Please ensure to make the appropriate adhesive selection based upon your choice of sticker (standard polypropylene vs high-quality vinyl).  In the event of minimal residue remaining on the surface after removal, products such as Goo-Gone or industrial grade acetone should easily resolve the issue.

Our physical distancing stickers are water-resistant and, depending on your selection, can be used on outdoor and indoor surfaces.  Extreme weather may accelerate the wear and tear of the social distancing decals. Make sure you select the correct adhesive option when ordering, specifically for outdoor applications (we only recommend our vinyl products for outdoor surfaces, although some customers have managed to make do with the lower-cost polypropylene options on offer).

Use a thin object such as a filer to lift a side of the social distancing decals and then peel the rest of the decal off in a slow, controlled motion.

Extremely important!  Despite our best efforts, people tend to forget the new social distancing rules in place, especially when they are focused on a task such as at a retail store while waiting to check out, or at an office or factory handling office work.  Social distancing stickers offer a friendly and important reminder to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic.

Our team at Social Distancing Stickers is committed to providing you with the highest quality of service and support.

Business Operation Hours:

Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM Pacific Standard Time (Los Angeles, CA).

Should you contact us outside of our operation hours, please leave us a detailed message and our team will reach out to you within 24 hours during business days.

Call Us At: +1 (844) 586-8273
Email Us At:

We do not accept returns for the barriers or any of our social distancing products.  Items deemed defective may be replaced, but neither returned nor refunded.

The turnaround time for our barriers is dependent upon the product selected.  The wall hanging barriers take a few days to manufacture and assemble, and the mobile barriers take 10-12 days owing to the increased production complexity

The majority of our barriers are fully manufactured and assembled in Los Angeles.  The only barrier which uses an imported frame is the seated mobile barrier, which we then retrofit by adding a custom-sized vinyl sheet to create the barrier.  Learn more by clicking on this link!

Barrier selection will vary depending upon your needs and budget.  For restaurants and retail locations where you are seeking to create separation between clients, the heavy-duty mobile barriers are the most recommended products, as they are attractively designed, easy to maneuver, and simple to store.  For school or office settings, the wall-hanging barriers are a great low-cost option to create meaningful separation between classmates or co-workers.  To learn more, check out this page dedicated to our social distancing barriers to see which option is best for you!

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Why social distancing signs are a necessity in today’s world!

You may be wondering how social distancing stickers for retail stores slow the spread of coronavirus.

Some people feel there are other solutions that don’t require stickers, however we believe that the importance of physical distancing stickers is all in the message. Our social distancing stickers say “Protect Yourself & Others – Maintain Distance”.

Our physical distancing stickers try to remind them of their responsibility to their community – the need for them to protect others. People who consider the virus to be mild are not in touch with the facts on the ground. COVID-19 is a vicious virus that has already claimed the lives of so many, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

One of the greatest issues with containment is the spread of coronavirus by people who are asymptomatic and don’t display any of the symptoms, but are still able to pass the virus onto others.

Our physical distancing stickers play a small yet crucial part in reminding people of the importance of maintaining safe distance to ensure that any coughs or sneezes from an infected person don’t result in a wave of new illnesses.

Our elevator social distancing decals are especially important for reducing the risk of residents as they make their way home from exercise or an essential trip to the bank/supermarket. These confined spaces are a breeding ground for the virus, and social distancing policies need to be applied there in order to help us contain the spread.

Our habits have been formed over decades of our social existence, and remembering to respect these new rules that we are facing is more difficult than one can imagine. The physical distancing decals we’ve created are trying to protect us from ourselves and our previous habits.

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